Version Release Notes

Aurender App 1.7.57 & System Software 4(5).0.106

Details on the newly released Aurender App and System Software versions are as follows:

1.  New Sort by Album Release Year filter for album view.

– To view sorting options, long press the Album browser button and a popup menu will appear.

2.  Improved DAC compatibility – Now supports the following DACs

– Chord QBD76, QuteEX

– M2Tech USB modules

– Benchmark DAC2

– Playback Designs USB-X

3.  Improved compatibility with DSD files (DFF/DSF with improved playback and scanning speed.

4.  Scanning can now be paused and resumed in the Scanner tab of the Settings menu

5.  Improved streaming

– While streaming, any scanning will be paused.

– After streaming, scanning needs to be resumed manually.

6.  Improved DSD filter with option to only show non-DSD contents.

– To view DSD filtering options, long press the DSD filer button and a popup with options will appear.

7. Search criteria now shown in grey letters in the Search window background.

– The search criteria changes according to which browser button is selected. now shown in grey letters.

8.  ISO extraction has been changed and will be done after scanning is finished.

– For many SACD ISO files, it will take a long time. For a very large number of files, it may take a week.

9.  Added Portuguese language support

10. Fixed playlist save bug.

11. Improved NAS browsing.

12. Improved WAV tag compatibility

13. Improved various UI to display more information.

14. Improved volume control for Constellation Amplifiers.

15. Fixed other minor bugs

16. Improved stability.

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