Tap the settings icon   located under the search window and the Setting menu with tabs for Server, Scanner, AMOLED Display, General, Upgrade, NAS Share, NAS Server, Music Player, Version, and Help will appear. Press the server tab and related options will appear in the window on the right.


Select Aurender Server – Select the Aurender music server by tapping the name. The application will connect to the server and a check mark will appear next to the name.

Change Server Name – Type in the new name and tap Save.

Network Information – Displays Server Name, IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS, MAC Address and other information.

Disk Information  – Lists Volume Label, Aurender State (On/Off/Standby), Space Used, Space Free, Space Total, and Folder Path.

Set Date and Time – Sets the Aurender time and date to the iPad.

Set Aurender to iPad Language – Please note that with some languages, characters may appear broken, unless the language setting is set to those languages. For this reason, we recommend setting the Language to the Language of the iPad.

Use Standby – Setting this to ON will enable the Aurender to be turned on and off using the iPad. However, when this setting is enabled, pressing once on the front panel Power button will only put the Aurender into Standby Mode. To turn the Aurender music server completely off, the Power button needs to be depressed until the Power button light starts to flash. Release and wait for the Aurender to power down and shut off completely.

System Commands

Standby – When in standby mode, press this button to remotely toggle the Aurender on, or put into standby.

Restart – Press to reboot the Aurender.

Turn Off – Press to power down and completely turn off the Aurender.

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