If there are no more changes to the folders or files on the hard disk drive for over a minute, then the Aurender music server will automatically scan and upload the song database to the iPad, so that the changes can be seen on the iPad application. Depending on the size of database, this can take a few seconds to over a minute.

Update song information database – Tapping this will upload song information from the Aurender Music Server to the iPad. This function is not normally needed since this is done automatically one minute after the last changes to to the song database.

Scan for newly added files – After adding files to the Aurender, the files need to be scanned before they are seen on the IPad application. The Aurender iPad application will automatically scan for added, deleted or modified songs after one minute has passed without any changes.

Scan all files – Complete scanning of large music libraries can take a long time. For 55,000 songs, it can take one hour. In normal use, there is no need to use the Scan All Files function.




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