NAS Server


NAS devices can be used with Aurender music servers and iPad application. However, search and sorting of songs on the NAS are not possible. For personal computers with Windows operating systems, Password Protected Sharing must be disabled and the folders need to be shared, in order for the folders to shown on the Aurender iPad application.

To disable Password Protected Sharing, go to the Network and Sharing Center and turn off “Password Protected Sharing”. To share folders, right-click the folder, select Properties. Click the Share tab and click Share.  The shared folder should appear on the Shared Folder list under NAS Server >> Browse NAS Servers >> Select NAS Server >> Shared Folders.

To manually add an NAS device, please do as follows;

1. Open the Aurender iPad application. Go to Settings and press “NAS Server”.

2. Tap “Browse NAS Server” and select a device from the NAS Server List.

3. Press Browse NAS Server and then press the Add Manually button. NAS servers should be added manually, if the NAS does not appear on the list or if there is a problem accessing the NAS, please use add the NAS manually. To do this, press Browse NAS Server and another window will appear. Press the Add Manually button and another window will appear asking for the IP address, Username and Password. Enter these and press Connect. The NAS Server will be added to the NAS Server list.

NAS contents will appear in the NAS folder under Folder in the top row category buttons. Please note that songs in the NAS server will not be listed in search and meta-tag based menus (ie. Song, Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, Conductor). Metadata information will be displayed in the song information window when the song is played.

To disconnect an NAS device, go to Settings -> NAS Server. The connected NAS will be listed under “Connected NAS Server List”. Swipe the name of the NAS to the left and a red “Delete” button will appear. To delete the NAS, tap the “Delete” button.

Note: After deleting the NAS device, the connection may still exist in certain cases, such as if a song from the deleted NAS server is currently playing. In these cases, the NAS will be disconnected after Aurender is turned off or rebooted.

For those using Windows 7, go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Advance Sharing Settings and check the box for “Turn off password protected sharing”.



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