Show only albums with cover – Tap to show  only albums with covers. Albums without covers will not be displayed, but can be accessed using the Song mode.

Set days for recently added list – Enter number and tap Done. This will show songs added within the set number of days, when  the “In __ days”  browser button is pressed.

Set Auto-Lock  – The OFF setting will prevent the iPad from automatically turning off the Aurender iPad Application screen.

Song Selection default action – Regardless of the setting, if the beginning of the song title is pressed, then the selected song will be added to the queue after the current song and played immediately. However, pressing other areas of the song title will result in one of three actions according to the Song Selection setting. The default setting is “Add to End” and this will add the selected song to the end of the queue. If “Add to Next” is selected, the song will be queued after the current song. “Add to Next and Play” will add the song after the current song and play the song immediately.


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