Aurender App – Features

The Aurender iPad Application screen is shown below;

1. Browser Buttons –  The top row buttons categorize songs according to the metadata of the the song file. Tap Song, Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, or Conductor to browse through songs according to the file meta tags. Tap the Folder button to browse by folders. The second row buttons will show the contents of the folders on the Aurender hard disk drive. Excluding ALL and MISC, the other five second row buttons have the same names as the folders on the internal hard drives. Up to five folders may be named for each hard drive. To see the five buttons for the other hard drive, swipe the second row buttons to the left or right. The button names may be changed by renaming the folder and enclosing it with square brackets. For example, [My Songs].

2. Contents Window – Will show contents according to the browsing button selections. Press a song to  add it to the queue. Keep the song pressed and other options will appear.

3. Search Window – Type the artist, song, or album and the search results will appear as you type.

4. Queue and Playlist Section  –  Songs selected for queue will appear in this window. To expand the Queue section, swipe the Contents Window to the right. When the window is expanded, the Consume On/Off button will appear. Consume On will delete already played songs from the Queue.

5.  Album Cover and Details Section – Shows Album cover and other details. More details are show when the window is expanded.

6. Playback Section – Controls for Play/Pause, Next Song, Previous Song, Repeat, and Shuffle (Random Play)

7. Edit Playlist Section – To expand the Edit Playlist Section, pres the Edit Playlist bar and keep it pressed. To close the window, press the Queue bar and keep it pressed.

8. Settings Menu – Press the gear icon and the Settings Menu window will appear.

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