Aurender App Installation

To download and set up the Aurender iPad App, please follow the instructions below:

1. From the iPad, go to the App Store and type Aurender in the search window. Install the Aurender iPad application.

2. Open the Aurender application and the name of the Aurender Music Server will be shown in the Server tab of the iPad App Settings menu. (Aurender must be on and connected to the Internet and iPad through the network)

3.  Select the Aurender music server by tapping its name.
4. Enter the Passcode shown on the front AMOLED display of the Aurender music server.

5. Check for the  latest version of the firmware and update using the Upgrade menu, if needed.

6. After the Aurender is updated and automatically reboots, close and then restart the Aurender iPad application.  Time and Language can be set to the iPad’s settings by pressing the Set Aurender to iPad Time and Language  button at the bottom of the Server tab.


Aurender’s time and default language will be set according to the iPad time and language settings.

7. Scan all files using the Scanner menu.


Scanning will continue in the background, even when songs are selected and played. Please note that it can take a long time to scan large libraries.

8. After scanning is done, a pop up window will appear stating that the database is being downloaded. If the download fails to finish or gets stuck, please move closer to the wireless router and press Update song database. The time to download the database varies according to song database size and wireless connection speed between the wireless router and the iPad. It can be a few seconds or a few minutes.


Note :  Now, when files are added, deleted, or moved, the Aurender will automatically scan and update the song database. Scanning will start one minute after no more files are added, deleted, or moved.

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