Before You Begin

The following are needed in order to set up the Aurender W20 Reference Music Server and iPad application;

Digital Cables 

An Ethernet (LAN) cable is needed to connect the Aurender to a router with internet connection. Depending on which type of digital output is used, either a USB, AES/EBU, coaxial, BNC, or optical cable is needed to connect the Aurender to digital-to-analog converters or other devices with digital inputs. An additional BNC cable may be needed for the W10 model which supports Master Word Clocks.

A Wireless Router and Internet Connection

A wireless router is needed to connect the iPad to the Aurender and an Internet connection is needed to download and update Aurender’s firmware, and iPad application.

Apple iPad

The iPad was selected as the user interface for the Aurender because of its wide acceptance, ease of use, price competitiveness, high performance and convenient large touch-screen display.

PC or Mac Computer 

In order to transfer files, a computer needs to be connected to the Aurender using the Ethernet port on the rear panel.

Internet music databases are used to obtain metadata, and the data can often be incorrect or missing. For converting audio CDs and editing metadata, using a computer and editing software (DBpoweramp for PCs  and XLD for Macs) is recommended. When converting audio CDs to uncompressed formats (WAV, FLAC, etc.), using a computer does not reduce the quality in any way. The computer makes repeated passes until the data has been converted perfectly from the CD to the digital file.

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